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Posted in Curhat! by Melita Tarisa on October 29, 2008

detak jantungku berpacu dengan dunia
sedang hatiku terpaku untuk seorang dia

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Posted in Curhat! by Melita Tarisa on October 26, 2008


Kembali duduk berdua dan diam menata kata.
Katamu tentang bintik hitam matahari,
dan aku bulan dalam kopiku*.
Lekat, erat, pekat, sampai sesak.

* inspirasi “bulan dalam kopiku” datang dari cerpen SGA berjudul “Rembulan dalam Cappuccino”

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Posted in Curhat! by Melita Tarisa on October 25, 2008

I read a line, another line, and a whole lot of other lines about him.

How is it possible for someone to be loved that much, to be disturbingly desired.

Does he wear a charm that such smile gently sends your knees into trembling?

Does he speak of Shakespeare that such eyes lit fireworks all over your heart?

Is it the way he put his arm around you?  Screw you!

Is it the glances he shares with you? Bite me!

I think of a line, another line, and a whole lot of other lines about him.

How is it conceivable for someone to love that much, to obsessively desire.
Where is your conscience to stop the infatuation? Damn!
When will your guts dare you to make a move? Game!
I draw a line, another line, and a whole lot of other lines about him.
Is it going to be okay?
Are you not falling to love and desire?

Let me alone. Stop making me sticky and lonely*.

*from “the sandwich has no mayonnaise by Salinger

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Posted in Curhat! by Melita Tarisa on October 24, 2008

Tulislah sesuatu tentang kita.

Anak-anak yang tertawa tanpa suara sambil mengejar kupu-kupu

dan mereka yang tertidur dalam riuh kota ini,

jejak kehidupan yang dipaparkan seadanya.

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Posted in DPS, poems by Melita Tarisa on August 18, 2008

Into the white, I go and wipe

Perish in sight, flaming inside

And tears, o dear,

lustfully crawl out of my heart.

Leave it be, my dear,

just hold me still before we restart.

Inch of trembling

Posted in Curhat!, poems by Melita Tarisa on August 15, 2008

I took an inch and peeked outside
the sturdy trees with their leaves swing side to side
flowery greenery, gleeful wind across the field
a glimpse of horizon with butterflies flying about
come, dance people rushing towards the reddish sun
inviting, not wanting to be left alone


I remember a line from my favorite movie*,
“Tell them the horizon is an imaginary line that recedes as you approach it.”
I did so, trembling.

* Mona Lisa Smile (2003)

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Itu saja

Posted in puisi, seharusnya-tidak by Melita Tarisa on August 11, 2008

Bolehkah padanya

kuminta sedikit tentang dirimu?

Satu yang ia benci,

itu saja!

Akan kusimpan,

kucinta bila perlu.

Notice to a Friend

Posted in Curhat! by Melita Tarisa on August 4, 2008

It is painfully incomprehensible how I can not find the courage to tell you

that I have differed myself from you.

I have no interest in living the life you pictured for me,

not even the idea of luxury.

Time to time, I have been questioning the boundaries you’ve made.

You talk like they are ours when I give such things nothing but disapproval.

I have respect for you, high enough to understand your idealism.

To even take notice of your materialism and struggle to mind that not.

You are realistic, one of the lovable things about you.

Had it occurred in your mind that life is measured not in currency, you’ll see the fallacy of reality.

In years to come,

I see you living the life you’ve always wanted. You are as happy as a child with his new found excitement.

I hope I am still in the picture though not the way you’ve arranged it

for I find agreement with you about the future only in the love we are bound to share.

Consider this my notice, my dear friend.

My Cheer

Posted in Curhat!, poems by Melita Tarisa on July 27, 2008

This is where you venture
to a long way of disclosure

I give my prayer for yours
now, what’s about to happen is still in secrecy
may blessings from the joyous
left no room for delicacy

This is where you start
with love as your card

* to a pair of friends, cheers!

pecah perang

Posted in Curhat!, puisi by Melita Tarisa on July 21, 2008

aku ingin membawamu lari
merasakan jemarimu menggengam milikku
tapi indah setiap kali degup hidupmu menyentuhku

kita berlari semakin cepat
menyergap waktu dan segala batasannya
bukan karena habis nafas
tapi ada kamu memenuhi setiap rinci

lalu lekas kamu berhenti
hilang sekelebat bersama angin yang lari bersama
sisa aku yang bahkan tak ingat lagi siapa
dengan sakit yang menghujam nadi

ah, pecah perang
dan aku sudah lama kalah